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Making tatami mats that meet the needs of the times

Seiki Corporation is a long-established tatami manufacturer founded in Hiroshima in 1948.

Since the founding of the company, traditional tatami-making skills have been handed down to each new generation.

Changing times and lifestyles mean that most tatami mats these days are produced for commercial, rather than residential spaces. As a result, the latest generation of craftsmen has further refined its technology by producing mats of new materials and designs to meet modern needs.


From the tatami town of  Hiroshima to the world.

Hiroshima is known as one of Japan’s leading regions for the production of tatami mats, due to the high quality of the rushes which have been grown in the eastern part of the prefecture for many generations.

In modern Japan, new homes may be constructed without tatami mats, and the demand for quality mats has decreased.

In recent years, we have developed "LEN-TATAMi®︎" with the desire to create genuine tatami mats that can be easily used by people around the world. We have started developing, manufacturing and selling as an original product.

Our mission is to deliver the pleasure and comfort of living with tatami mats, with products that fit new lifestyles in a new age.


Toshiaki Seiki

Seiki Corporation
1st generation

Takashi Seiki

Seiki Corporation
Representative Director

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Seiki Co., Ltd.

October 1, 1948

January 4, 1989

Takashi Seiki

Manufacture and sale of tatami mats in general / Manufacture and sale of LEN-TATAMi®︎

6-7 Hirose-machi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture


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