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Manufacture and sale of tatami mats,

fusuma and shoji screens

Since its founding in 1948,
in the tatami production area of Hiroshima Prefecture

To meet the needs of the times

​Facing tatami making


Manufacture of tatami mats, fusuma, and shoji screens

We manufacture and sell tatami mats, fusuma sliding doors, and shoji screens to meet the needs of our customers, from general residences to companies.
It is possible to make a custom order by taking measurements and choosing the tatami facing and tatami edge according to the room or space.

In addition to manufacturing new tatami mats, we also renovate (replace) tatami facings and tatami edges.
We also manufacture special deformed tatami mats, and we have a track record of adoption in commercial spaces, lodging and recreation facilities, shrines and temples, etc., in addition to general housing.



Our in-house product brand “LEN-TATAMi®︎” was born from the desire to “make authentic tatami mats that people around the world can easily use.”

It was developed as a product that responds to the interest in tatami mats not only in modern Japan, where there are many homes without tatami mats, but also overseas.

​Seiki Co., Ltd. would like to deliver the splendor of living with tatami mats through tatami mats that fit the lifestyle of each era.


Company Profile

About us

Since its founding in 1948 in Hiroshima Prefecture,

one of the leading tatami production areas in Japan.

​We are working to create tatami mats that meet the changing needs of the times.


our work

​Production example

We would like to introduce some of the examples that have been produced and introduced so far.


Showroom information

In addition to consulting on the manufacture and renovation of tatami mats, fusuma and shoji,

You can also see the actual product LEN-TATAMi®︎.

​ Please feel free to come by.

Seiki Co., Ltd.


6-7 Hirosecho, Naka Ward, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture

OPEN Monday - Friday

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