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Production example introduction

Introducing the past production results

​Commercial space

We also have a track record in commercial spaces and lodging facilities.

We can also manufacture special shapes. We can also propose tatami facings and functional tatami mats that match the image of the space.


Ordinary housing

We offer a wide variety of tatami mats that are highly designed to match Western-style interiors and tatami rims in plain and contemporary style colors.

We can make proposals that match your interior image of the room.

Western-style room and
Rimless tatami

This is an example of constructing a part of a flooring room with rimless tatami mats.

It is possible to manufacture in order size according to the required area.


Japanese-style room

Even today, tatami mats are indispensable in a formal Japanese-style space.

The tatami-mat hallway creates a ryokan-like atmosphere, and it also has the effect of making the room feel spacious. We can manufacture custom sizes, so you can customize the size, tatami surface materials, and tatami rims according to the space you want to lay tatami mats.

We also offer a total consultation on fusuma sliding door and shoji screen that match the image of your desired space.

Tatami mats, fusuma sliding door, shoji screen replacement

We also accept orders for replace fusuma sliding door and tatami mats in your Japanese-style room.
If the tatami floor is enough good condition, it is possible to replace only the tatami surface materials and tatami rims of the tatami mats currently in use.
We also accept replacement of fusuma paper and shoji paper for fusuma sliding door and shoji screen.

Please feel free to contact us.


Special deformed tatami mats

This is an example of producing a rimless tatami mat in a raised space in a corner of a living room.
​Tatami that has been deformed according to the layout of the room can also be measured on-site and manufactured in the desired shape.

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